Scamp 13 foot used travel trailer

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Hello, I have a 2004 13' Scamp, used one night, you might say like new all around. I am in the St. Louis area, High Ridge Mo. to be specific. I am near all major .
Re: WANTED: 13' Scamp 13 foot used travel trailer used travel trailer (Scamp, Casita, Boler, etc.) LIzB: 7-8-08 : I have been looking for a small (13") used travel trailer prefer Boler,Casita or Buro.
Scamp is Scamp 13 foot used travel trailer a family owned business in central Minnesota since 1971. We guarantee a quality trailer with a warranty to ensure you get the best value for your travel dollar. offers Scamp 13 Foot Travel Trailers reviews as well as Scamp 13 Foot floorplans and the ability to get price quotes from one or more Scamp 13 Foot .
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Scamp 13' travel trailer review with forum and links to dealers and information 8 matches found: VINTAGE SCAMP TRAVEL TRAILER CAMPER DECO 1974 ORIGINAL Scamp .
Very lightweight Scamp travel trailers designed for easy towing by small cars and trucks. The aerodynamic camper. Click here - more info on Scamp 13 Foot.
More Scamp Travel Trailers Talk. FL 2011 scamp for sale
i found this scamp in a farmers quonset. it had been shedded for several years. the 13 foot scamp tows with a 4 cyl engine. i tow it with my suzuki sidekick with a 1 .
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Re: 13 ft used scamp trailer stripped inside: Mack Patterson: 1-18-04 : Our club is looking for a
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