Culture sensitive to bactrim but not working

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SCI Community Forums > Care . I've been prescribed Bactrim until I can get in to see the urologist next month to . I found a discussion of taking Bactrim and .
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. years, so I knew he was wrong. I have been taking Bactrim everyday since January for UTI prophylaxis. I got . doctor told me that the bacteria was sensitive to .
OK here's the scoop. My hubby has had a recent UTI (with blood in urine). His PCP started him on Levaquin before the culture and sensitivity was back.
Best Answer: If you are throwing up, not all of the medication will have time to be absorbed into your system. You say you have a throat/chest infection. .are you .
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Macrobid is the black and yellow pill. Ialso heard no Bactrim, you can take amoxacillin. and Macrobid that everyone has mentioned.
I HAVE BEEN ON BACTRIM FOR TWO WEEKS! doxy cyclin, and now some other one. i have a mirena and did not even think to

Culture sensitive to bactrim but not working

put two and two together. .maybe i should ask .
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number of replies (94) - Page 1 of 5; does bactrim work Culture sensitive to bactrim but not working on mrsa Started by Hope Posted: November 3, 2007 at 22:25 I was told on Sept 4 that I had Cellulitis .
Bactrim discussions on . the past 3 months and I'm worried. I can only use Bactrim because Cipro and others make me VERY sick.
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number of replies (94) - Page 4 of 5; Re: does bactrim work on mrsa Reply #60 by ladyk Posted: June 21, 2010

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